Perfect Norfolk Retreats

You have decided that for your holiday this year, you don’t want to stay in a hotel – you want a self catering cottage in the UK because it comes with several advantages. But where do you start? How do you prepare for converted barn holidays exactly? To help you, we have put together a list of all the things you should take care of in advance to ensure that your holiday is the relaxing time it is supposed to be.

• The first thing that you should do is prepare a budget. Self catering cottages tend to be cheaper than hotel stays but you still need to know how much you will be spending. Your budget should include accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing and shopping for gifts. Include a little extra contingency money just to be on the safe side.

• How many people will be going on holiday with you? This determines the size of the cottage that you will be staying in. It is always better to choose a facility that has different sizes of cottages so that you pay only for the amount of space that you need.

• Will you be driving during your holiday? There are many tourist destinations in Norfolk and the most convenient and affordable way to access them is by rental car. If you don’t have a British driver’s license you need to make arrangements to get one. If you want to hire a car but don’t want to drive it yourself you can ask the management at the cottage you will be staying in to find you an affordable driver.

• A self catering cottage means that you will be preparing your own meals which means that you have to think about groceries. The best cottages in Norfolk have arrangements with major retail stores so that their guests can buy groceries and have them delivered directly in their cottages. If you don’t want to cook for yourself there are cottages that prepare meals for guests so long as you order in advance. It is best to rent this kind of cottage in case sometimes you don’t feel up to preparing meals.

• What kind of activities will you be doing? Do you want to sightsee? Are there any specific tourist sites in Norfolk that you want to visit? If yes, it is best to do some research in advance. Find out, for instance, if there are any fees to be paid.